Fama Industrie - The everyday life quality

The experience acquired during 50 years of activity has been developed through a design track, dedicated to produce manufacture machines built with extreme precision and with the use of high quality materials.

FAMA INDUSTRIES is now a leading company in catering, bar and home appliance equipment manufacturing. Highly professional qualified machines with accessories that are specially designed studied for each need are produced for each of these fields. FAMA INDUSTRIES manufactures modern machines observing norms in force and addressed to specific sectors like catering. Restaurants, hotels, communities, refectories, self services, pizzerias are all part of this sector as well as the different activities linked to them like butcher shops, supermarkets, charcuterie, delicatessen shops, take away. FAMA INDUSTRIE’S strength consists in offering the customers different machine types diversified according to their use – meat grinders, graters, slicers, tomato sauce makers, vegetable cutters, mozzarella cutters – and above all they are supplied in different sizes and capacities. These characteristics allow our customers to choose among a wide range of products, each one made observing the same quality and reliability criteria but extremely versatile and adaptable to any activity.

FAMA INDUSTRIES: state-of-the-art-technology designed to improve everyday life.

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